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I primarily teach courses on cybersecurity and international relations, though I have also taught courses on international security and Japanese politics. Courses I am currently teaching are on the right.

Politics of Cybersecurity

This course covers the international politics of cybersecurity with a focus of international security. The course utilizes case studies such as China and Russia to learn about the challenges to U.S. cybersecurity. The course engages with major questions of cybersecurity including: does cyber fundamentally reshape the balance of power? Does cyber favor the attacker or defender? What is cyberwar and will it take place? Can offensive cyber operations be deterred? And what kinds of effects does cyber have on international security issues? The course then goes on to explore the role of private and non-governmental actors in cyber, and their role in U.S. cybersecurity policy.

Cybersecurity and the State

This course looks at the policies and institutions governments are establishing in order to mitigate these risks. It examines how and why different governments have pursued different strategies over time, and considers how governments might be better prepared to deal with future risks associated with new ICT technologies such as the Internet of Things.

World Politics

Introduction to international politics, with emphasis on factors and processes producing harmony and conflict in interactions within the international system.

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